Win Free Weight Loss Program

So you want to be reborn and re-energize yourself in 2007 by putting yourself on a weight loss program? Its not as hard as you think! You can get a year of Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers paid in full by visiting this website.

The Jenny Craig program usually involves one of three programs: Jenny Rewards, Jenny OnTrack and Jenny TuneUp.

Jenny Rewards

With Jenny Craig’s rewards program, your success is rewarded with food discounts that grow over time, you can save up to 35%!

Jenny Ontrack

This is Jenny Craig’s 6-month Program gives you One-on-One support to create your own healthy living plan.

Jenny Tuneup

Is a Jenny Craig limited time special may be just right for you.

I’m sure one of these programs will fit your needs. You can be rewarded with one right now! If not, Weight Watchers offers the TurnAround plan.

With the Weight Watchers TurnAround, you choose the approach that fits you best: the Flex Plan, based on the proven POINTS® system or the no counting Core Plan®.

Flex Plan
Eat all the foods you love on the Flex Plan

  • Enjoy the full range of food options, while making better choices with the POINTS system.
  • Choose any food as long as you control how much you eat.
  • Easily handle any food challenge, even when choices are limited.

Core Plan
On the Core Plan focus on wholesome foods without counting

  • Eat wholesome foods from all the food groups, including fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, lean meats and poultry, eggs and dairy products.
  • Enjoy satisfying eating without empty calories.
  • Have the occasional treat in controlled amounts.

If one of these plans doesn’t fit your needs then you’re flat out of luck! You have no hope of losing weight for 2007. However, thats not the case! Sign up here and get registered to receive your choice of plan for a year.

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